Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc. (Incorporated December 23, 1926 Please send any remarks, changes or corrections to Webmaster:
SALISBURY RURAL CEMETERY TIME LINE 1866 – 1982 1866 – 1870 An account commencing October 3, 1866 – 1870 shows donations by W J Brockett, Truman Ives, Henry Morse, Levi Stoddard, Horace Pratt, Hiram Brockett, John Babcock, Philo Styles, Josiah Rice, Zenus Brockett, Chauncy Ives, Rinaldo Allum 1886 A meeting of citizens of Salisbury was held at the Baptist Church for the purpose of organizing a cemetery association.  The meeting was attended by John Ives, Joseph Rice, S A Brockett, S D Silliman, A L F Deyo, Fred Metcalf, James Thompson, Charles L Ives, Malvin Burrell, and Mrs. E Burell.  It was resolved that the name of the association be called the Salisbury Cemetery Association and was incorporated February 23, 1886.  The following trustees were then elected:   John Ives, Chariman, Charles L Ives, Secretary, Directors: S.D. Silliman, Fred Metcalf, N.S. Brockett, H.M Parker, M.C Burrell, Joseph Rice, and Silas Thompson. It was resolved that the annual meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of February each year. 1886 Joseph Rice and John Ives were to purchase and iron fence and have it installed.  1887 By-law were written and approved.  Decided to purchase additional land 1888 Fence was installed and gates were installed.  1891 Vault was built at a cost of $49.00. 1893 Purchased lawn mower for use at the cemetery. 1894 Received $500.00 from Charles Collins in memory of his wife. 1902 Erect a building on the North Side to store tools and also erect a fence along the north and west sides of the cemetery. 1908 Purchase of additional 2 acres of land on the North side from S.D.Silliman.    1910 It was resolved to set apart five lots for burial of deceased Soldiers on the westerly side of the shed. 1918 Gates to be repaired and the vault shingled. 1922 Special meeting to accept agreement with William T Yale.  William T Yale willing to contribute $5,000.00 into a trust fund at the time that the Cemetery Association will contribute $5,000.00.  The treasurer had $2,400 at this time. 1923 Additional funds of $2,600 has been raised and therefore all funds are placed in Yale Memorial Trust Fund at the Herkimer Count Trust Bank in Little Falls.  The $10,000 trust fund will be invested with the proceeds of said fund to be paid semiannually to the cemetery for the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds. 1925 Shrubbery to be purchase and planted in the spring. 1926 Consolidation of Salisbury Cemetery Association and Salisbury Rural Cemetery Inc.  It was resolved that the name shall be "Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc."   Directors now being Daniel Barragan, L.C. Barragan, Andrew L.F. Deyo, Edward Homrighouse, Myron G Bronner, Robert Nelson, J.H. Cytle, George Miller and Fred Ives. December 23, 1926 Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc. was incorporated June 12, 1929 First Annual Meeting of the Salisbury Rural Cemetery, Inc.  By-Laws, Rules and Regulations were approved. 1932 Floyd Leneker donated the iron gates, which were now standing at the so-called Switzer Mansion property. 1933 Herman Snyder & Son built 4 gateposts for iron gates. Gates hung by Fred Winkler May 20, 1939 Dedication of “The Yale Memorial" given by William T Yale.  Herman A MacNeil, sculptor.  A rectangular granite stone with nine small bronze reliefs mounted on three sides of the stone.  These represent the professions in which various members of the Yale family were involved.  First and foremost the Inventor representing Linus Yale, inventor of the Yale lock and key, others being, Settler, Surveyor, Revolutionary Soldier, Farmer, Developer, Postmaster, Merchant, Executive.  The back side of the monument shows the portraits of William T Yale and Milton H Yale. 1941 First surveyed map of cemetery completed by Harry W Jewell 1942 Reserved for the uses of the Cemetery Association a plot of land approximately 100 feet wide and 150 feet deep in the southwest corner of the cemetery fronting on the highway. 1947 Legacy received from William T Yale Estate   $1,232.78 1949 Section M plots were laid out fixing the price of lots at $60.00 1950 Amended By-Laws of corporation to provide that every owner of a lot containing at least (60) square feet of land is entitled to vote at meetings of this corporation. 1951 Section 21 of the General Regulations amended to provide that this corporation may refuse burial on any lot or plot, which has not been paid in full. Julia Barragan donated $200.00 to pay off cemetery debt to James Bronner Section K plots were laid out dimension of 10' by 24' 1953 Construction of Vault by Harold Johnson $1,925.00 Additional charge to be made for digging graves after Nov 1st until frost has left the ground in the spring Anything larger than a single headstone should be considered a monument, in which case the ground should be dug down five feet for a foundation. 1954 Estate of Julia S Barragan paid $249.56 for gatepost which she contracted with Harold Johnson to be erected near the vault Section 4 of Article I of By-Laws amended to read the annual meting be changed from second Wednesday of June to the 2nd Saturday of October. 1955 Received from Estate of Julia Barragan -- Sale of house 2/3%   $3400.00 Allowed owners (Charles & Lena Chrisman) to sell lot 201 Section G Fred Yale gave 10 share of American Tel & Tel stock for the care of the Yale monument. Herkimer County Trust set up a separate account with interest and/or income from investments to be used for the maintenance of the Yale Monument and cemetery as deeded necessary. 1956 Sections H and I are ready for sale of lots Driveway extended between Section H on the west and Sections F & I on the east to the rear of the Section I to connect with the driveway between Sections I & J Section F plots 100, 101,116 and 117 was set aside for the burial of soldiers.  This has been rescinded and   all remaining lots may be sold. 1957 Advised the Herkimer County Trust Co to place funds of the Yale Memorial Fund into mortages if possible 1958 Legacy of Estate of Julia Barragan for general fund (71.766%--500.00)    $358.83 Legacy of Estate of Julia Barragan for Yale Memorial fund (71.766%--1000)   $717.66 1959 Additional frontage of 150 feet running westerly from the west line of the present Cemetery for the full depth to the back line   $300.00 1967 James N Bly cleaned the Yale Monument for $175.00. It was noted that plot owners were planting trees, bushes and shrubbery and also placing artificial flowers around the stones and boxes which interfere with cutting the grass. Authorization was given to the caretaker to dispose of such items if they interfere with mowing or care of the plot.  1968 Board approved the construction of the fence along the roadside will be done by Ford Thompson. The fence will have the posts creosoted and then bored with metal spikes put in.  It was brought to the attention that several broken stones were located in the Old Cemetery. 1970 Yale Plot Section F - lots 10, 11, 12, 13,14, & 15 are available for distribution at the present time at the stipulated price of $500.00 each, subject to the restriction that the monuments shall be no more than 5 ft high and at least 1 1/2 ft away from any three sides of the lot. Any monuments to be erected shall be so placed that they are in line East and West with the present Yale and Rand monuments as they now exist.  Motion was made and seconded that the restriction to be included in the deed of conveyance to the purchasers. Harold C Luther, William J Thompson and Ford Thompson were appointed to study Rules and Regulations which were adopted in 1929 and make suggestions as would be necessary to bring these up to date. Cecil Grassel was appointed as Superintendent of the cemetery. 1971 Amendment to Section 10 of the General Regulations of this corporation should read as follows: "That all artificial arrangements for the decoration of our graves in the Cemetery be prohibited" Suggested that the cemetery obtain a model of the figures on the Yale monument so that if any of the figures became damaged the model would be available for repair and replacement. By-Laws amended to provide the semi-annual meeting be held in May at the discretion of the president within ten days notice served to directors without publication of such notice 1972 Purchase of Allis Chalmers tractor and mower.  Tool house is now in need of repairs as it was Payment of grave openings is to be paid by funeral directors prior to burial. 1973 Joseph Steciak repaired the water ram No monuments will be moved by application of any lot owner. Legacy from Phil Edwards Estate Pamelia Wright resigned as Secretary and Ethel Daley was appointed by the trustees.  1974 Purchase of corner stones from Letter Memorial Co -- Johnstown 187 Numbered and 75 Blank 1975 Books audited Department of New York State 1952 thru 1975 1976 Addition was added to the back of the vault for storage Mausoleums in the cemetery to be placed only in Section I lots 142 thru 149 and Section J 1977 New road constructed in the cemetery Purchase of Stone from Cherry Valley Memorials for entry to Cemetery $1,100.00   Stone to have Name of Cemetery, Date founded, Date incorporated and names of Founders on the front and names of all the directors on the back. Cataloging the lots and graves was updated by Susan Watkins Legacy from Louis Thayer Estate Oct 14, 1978   The new granite marker was placed next to the vault near the entrance to the cemetery.  It notes the date the cemetery was founded 1886 and incorporated in 1926.  The marker also contains the names of the founders in 1886.  Fees for burial and vault was increased as were the salaries for maintenance workers. 1982 Legacy from Ford Thompson and Louis Thayer